The Writing Recital

At the end of a school year, all the recitals for our kids are scheduled: piano recitals, vocal recitals, and all other year-end school celebrations. It’s an exciting time, for sure!

So why not, when it comes to my outstanding term leading Creative Writing classes, have a Writing Recital?

This Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday–May 20, 21, and 22–at 7PM, please join us at Spring Lake High School’s Media Center for the first-ever Writing Recital. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate our work, to show parents–or anyone really–how far we’ve come. It gives us an audience. And if you’ve been following my educational path over the last two years, you know how important the audience is.

Because of YOU–not me, not the grades–my students have worked hard. They do not have wait for their words to make a difference: to inform, to entertain, to make you feel. Their words matter RIGHT NOW! And the pieces they have created will do just that: they will matter. There are going to be powerful words shared on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

But wait! Can’t make it, you say? Don’t live in Spring Lake? Can’t get away from work in time? Just like getting in the house and putting on PJs? Stationed in Afghanistan? Speak a different language and just want to hear how Midwest American teens speak? Are you a governor who just wants to see what some students in Michigan are turning out?

Then watch here:

That’s right! We’re live streaming all three nights and we’re hoping you can join us.

Help us celebrate!

Make our words matter!

Our art for the event was a collaborative effort. It started as a blank white page taped to my wall. Students, throughout just one day, came up and added anything they wanted. Here’s the result.

Who: Spring Lake Creative Writing Class
What: The Writing Recital
When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday–May 20, 21, 22–at 7PM
Where: Spring Lake Media Center OR
How: Just Show Up Or Click On The Link At 7PM On Any Or All Days
Why: To Give Our Words Meaning And Purpose!

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