THE WORKS–Creative Writing Final Projects

This term, I assigned my first ever hybrid blog. In short, each student in Creative Writing had to use his/her favorite pieces of the term and push them into a blog.

Here they are.

The Writing Recital–Tuesday Night:
The Writing Recital–Wednesday Night:
The Writing Recital–Thursday Night:

1st Hour

David Theune
In this blog, I walk through the journey of education–as I see it and experience it. I hope others can grab an idea and run with it.

Dakota Olsen
In this blog, revealed; a fine art masterpiece derived from the thoughts and experiences of D-bone!

Christian VanVelzen
This blog is just pure awesome so watch out.

Emma France
Just some stuff I’ve written throughout the tri. Enjoy.

Olivia Pavlin
My blog is about the Flower of Life and everything that came from it. I hope everyone understands it.

Davis Allison
This is just the random thoughts that roamed through my head during this tri.

Kayce Goll
This is a blog full of pieces written by me!

Abby Allman
This is a blog about things I have done while I was in high school. I dance, I sail and I have crazy family memories. My intro is at the way bottom!

Karissa Raschke
This is a blog about different people who inspire me

Wesley Dews
This blog basically a bunch of random things that i have written so enjoy.

Kyle Houts

Cameron Amaya
In this blog, I have posted my best writing pieces from this trimester, as well as a bit about myself.

Lydia Suchecki
This blog is random as I just write about what I want so yeah.

Morgan Boeve
This blog holds words that run through my mind.

Dani Rhem
This blog is a reflection of the things that give me happiness and saddness in life.

Baileigh Yeager
My blog consists of writing pieces that reflect my life and strength

Joey Bowen
My blog is several writing pieces that reflect me as a person.

Sam Thornsen
This blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas I have encountered over the trimester.

Josh Roberge
This is basically a bunch of random things I wrote. Have fun.

Katie Sinn
This blog is about moments and memories of my childhood

Mitch Davis
This blog is about my life and fun stuff like that. follow me on twitter @mitch_davis7

Connor Foster
This blog is an insite to my life. There are a few writing pieces that are deep so don’t hurt my feelings, because that is not nice. #flightofthecondor

Maggie Nietering:  
This is just the blog of random writings that i was absolutely in love with.

Alexiss Ferrell
um heres my blog, it has deep thoughts and amazing creative writing pieces from me.

Ali Kilbry
a blog of feelings anf thoughts from killa

Emily Van Wingen
This is a blog of some of the things that I am.

Max Ingersoll
Take the journey through my mind and get ready for a wild ride

Austin Griggs
5 very unique pieces that each have something new to offer.

Maggie Roll
My blog was inspired by a hard time in my life that I had over come this past year.

Jori Henderson
This blog is called “welcome to my mind” simply because I typed what I thought and turned them into pieces and fixed them up.

Sarah Corgan

This blog is about me as a child and some homeschooling problems.

Antonio Reeves
“Decisions” because that’s what it was based around–decisions.

Alexandria Carter
This blog is some thinking about a book I’m working on.

3rd Hour

David Theune

In this blog, I walk through the journey of education–as I see it and experience it. I hope others can grab an idea and run with it.

McCulla Kosch

My blog is purely blackout poems. Occasionally I will change a blackout poem into a regular poem and will add a picture with it. Hope you enjoy:)

Tirzah Schmuker

In my blog, I explore what a kidnapping situation does to a family, splintering relationships, and festering regrets.

George Ferguson

My Blog is simplistic. My senior Picture and my writing pieces. What you see is what you get. Enjoy!

Kyle Recker
If you want to see the ramblings and work of a cynical artist who loves his craft, check out my blog.

Elise McGannon
I’m the definition of an amatuer writer, but here’s my blog. I worked hard on it, and it shows some of my art. You’re free to be anyone you want on it, despite the level of craziness.

Rianne Plattner
Works that captures the connection of the mind with the cosmos. Its some pretty weird shit.

Caleb Sumney
This blog  is based on emotion. It contains love, loss, humor and belonging. A lot of it is based off of emotions and events that have transpired in my own life, so it’s rather personal.

Darby Sepulveda-
My blog is just a collection of fiction stories of different genres.

Derek Holmes
This blog details a character experiencing abuse at home, by his father.

Justin Cyr
In this blog, its about how I feel in my own way. So check out my feels!

Augusta Bailey
My blog is pretty random: it includes weird pieces of literature that you might find in the library of my island, Augustralia. gussie ur so cool

Emily Vasquez
My blog is about my life and my experiences i learned or had.

Anna Denslow
My blog is about just about escaping from everyday life in many different ways.

Sophie Kleinheksel
My blog explains my love for traveling and how it has flourished as I go from place to place and it really catches my passion

Carlyn Arteaga
My blog is about trying to stay afloat in life. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Jonny Stalzer
This blog has been my little place for my little stories that have big meanings, to me anyway. Feel free to peruse it and enjoy as you may.

Gabby Coates
My blog is about some random things that have occurred in my life and fiery rants.

Chance Lambert
In this blog, I share poems, stories, anvulnerabilityty of my brain i really let my brain juices leak all over this blog. Tales of love, courage, friendship, food, love, and food.

Leah Vander Laan
My blog is really awko, but it’s a variety of pieces squeezing the guts out of the little things in life that can be the most beautiful. It’s called “Simple Things”.

Zac Chartrand
In my blog I write about the things that I love.

Kelcea Wilson
Random rants about emotion and feelings.

Shelby Arends
My blog isn’t really much about anything, It basically just has my opinions on life.

Emily Sumney
My blog is full of random ‘brain doodles’, things I spurted out during this tri. I dont really know what else to say about it other than each thing I wrote has a little piece of me in it.

Brooke Carrier
In my blog everything is a separate story but they are all related because I used the idea of fire or ice. The Reason is my favorite piece because it says a lot about what I believe in and it is very special to me.

Julia Keckeis
My blog is about a short travelling story.

Maxwell Flagler
If you would like to read the work of an almost lost boy who wrote by the light of the moon. This is your blog.

Callan Willey
If you like description and I think you’ll find my blog very fun to read!

Nathan Batts
The creative mind of a child.

Stuart Velarde
My blog is quite simple. Just a collection of literary works I have created this Tri. Most of my writing has something to do with cognitive thinking and self reflection. Enjoy!
4th Hour

David Theune 
In this blog, I walk through the journey of education–as I see it and experience it. I hope others can grab an idea and run with it.

Maddy Dekker
Everything on here is true.

Katie Slajus

Each piece is influenced by some outside source

Dan Hogan

NFL related pieces with a twist

Emma Leech
Things That Start With L

Deep thoughts, quotes and poems about life–abstract ideas inspired by many/all original.   

Elizabeth Lee
This is my story. After years of silence, I am finally speaking.

Toree Burrell
The Voiceless. This blog is about animal abuse, my personal photos, and my reflection

Becca Tober
A place to put my thoughts.

Ian Johnson
I thought of these things in the shower

Josie Winter

Jacob Orling
mine is just random stories I wrote in this class.

Hanna Swenor
Here is my blog it’s about random things about my life so there ya go.

Mia Kamp

Katie Wells
A place to reflect my self

Maya Denslow
My blog is about a character I created named Harper Bearheart

Ellen Lauinger
My blog has a lot to do with my family and how being around them has shaped me.

Alyssa Goericke
My blog is all about reflecting on my past school years and childhood. Nostalgia-like.

Bre Burns
This blog is just my random pieces I’ve written during this class

Ted Thomas
My blog is about what has been on my mind when I thought about my past.

April Lucas
My blog is centered around my family.Each piece is about one specific member.

Ethan York
My blog is focused on the truth and darker side of things.

Zachary Goosen
My blog is about getting that strong emotion out of the reader, or by placing a deep thought into the reader for them to ponder.

Brittany Dawson
My blog is about my love for cross country.

Kyra Butler
My blog is humorous, that’s about it… It’s also awkward.

My blog is just pieces that I have written during this class

Sydney DeCator
This is my blog where I have written my best pieces during this class and at home.

Maxx Kriger
sorry everyone. If you want to see a nice blog, just come back in a few weeks haha.

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