Presenting & Consulting

I am very interested in connection–and always have been. We all get better by sharing our ideas. Over the years, I’ve had many evolutions in my pedagogy and I’d be happy to share them with you, your school, or your company. Please contact me at for all possibilities: in-person conferencing, FaceTime conferencing, and more.

Complete Curriculum Vitae

The Value of Podcasting–For the past four years, I have been traveling my area and the Netherlands connecting students through their stories of what makes them–well–them. In an effort to tend to bullying by elevating empathy, I’ve turned to shared stories through podcasts and would like to discuss the possibilities with you.

The Podcast

Podcasting to Defeat Bullying: A Presentation

Understanding My Fulbright Scholarship: A Podcast

Simulcast Your Classroom–For two years, I have broadcast class discussions live on Facebook or on YouTube. This allows us to break the classroom walls and allow discussion from the greater community. It also allows the students to fully understand that their opinions are heard and listened to by the community.

Video of a Live Discussion

GO LIVE! Be Brave and Broadcast Your Classroom: A Presentation

Friday Night Lights in the Classroom: Purpose-Based Learning–When students start their work with a clear purpose, from them, they will take their own work to a new level. With this presentation, I discuss ways in which students wanted to understand grammar and stronger sentence construction. But, this idea is not limited to the ELA classroom. Let’s discuss more.

Words Have Power–Connecting Classrooms & Community: A Presentation

The Power of a Community Book Club–I have taken almost 250 community members through a book club where we utilized online discussions and occasional face-to-face meetings to create meaningful discussion on bullying and empathy. I would like to encourage school districts to take this approach where people can use a central text to tackle tough issues.

Spring Lake Community Book Club: A Presentation

Digital Narration–With this presentation, I encourage multimedia work among teachers and their students. With this, I’ve been able to tap into a higher student interest and focus on writing tools such as tone and understanding audience. I would like to discuss ways to make this simple for your classrooms–even if the teacher is uncomfortable with the technology.

Digital Narration and Cloud-Based Editing: A Presentation

Be My Big-Haired Mother: The Value of Empathy–Listen to a speedy talk (Five Minutes Maximum) on the value of empathy. This is the kind of energy I will bring to your team.

Be My Big-Haired Mother

Be a Transformer–This talk is geared toward the group that needs motivation for change or for young teachers about to begin their career. With this style, I push for education as a constant state of evolution.

Be a Transformer: A Presentation