Student Voice: Directing Young Minds

Such an honor to share this blog with a student every Wednesday evening. Each week, I simply ask them to “Write something about education.” Then, they do–beautifully, I might add.

This week, I’m happy to introduce Kelvin B. Teachers, if you’re ever wondering why you must do a good job, Kelvin offers a good reminder.

At times, education can be perceived as simply sitting in a cold brick building (that gives off a prison-esque vibe), punching numbers, and doing your time just as a convicted criminal may experience. However, there is so much more to education at its core. Apart from simply civilizing society, education is a passionate and personal  lifelong experience that we, as humans, are equipped with the ability to do. There is infinite knowledge to be learned for our finite time-limited minds. Education is preparing a world that is more productive, imaginative, creative, and caring than the world we personally were raised in and accustomed to. An educator is an artist. They are molding the delicate future minds of our world, daily perfecting their craft so that, hopefully, they themselves learn and grow while enabling others to do the same. Until the end is here for our race, we mustn’t take the act of education and educating lightly. There is a crucial responsibility for educators of the general population, those hiring educators, and those educating the educators of tomorrow to pour their life and soul into what they do. They are some of the most powerful and influential people in society. Teachers, instructors, directors, etc. carry on the knowledge of the human race and equip their students with the ability to know how to tap into the database of the universe. Education gives us a taste of eternity and what wealths of knowledge lie ahead of us in this wonderfully complex world. It allows us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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