Cheers to a joy-filled 2018!

Happy New Year!
Many of you asked “Why the numbers next to your pictures?” early on in the process. Well–here’s why. While I don’t plan to continue the picture-a-day, but it HAS been enlightening.
Though my 2017 was good in many ways, it had fewer smiles than usual. I wasn’t finding the joy in my every day. So, each day in 2018, I committed to finding joy each and every day. It turned out even more helpful than expected. There were several days when, nearing the end of the day, I’d be much more focused on thinking of my positives throughout the day or looking for them to wrap it up. Truthfully, this was a more meaningful project than I ever expected and I’m realizing that more than ever right now.
And, not surprisingly, it turns out I love my family, my work, travel–and ice cream. Oh! Thanks, Nikki and family for putting up with my “Oh–I need one more picture” comments all year.

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