Friends Show Me The Way

In every corner

Including the darkest ones
Friends show me the way
I write this short haiku for my friends today. Up in Northern Michigan, tucked into a beautiful cottage while on short holiday, I reflect on the power of those around me. 
In my worlds–home, educational, AND social–I have an abundance of friends who pick me up at every turn. These friends listen to me, laugh with me. They challenge my thinking and inspire my actions.
Some examples from this past week only:
-Very little excites me more than to know I have been a part of some exceptional young peoples’ lives. This past week, I was with a former-student-turned-friend who is heading to Italy for three months. She makes things happen in her life. She wows me–and shows me the way.
-I had the privilege of working with some exceptional teachers in my own district this week. I just heard stories of what they’re doing in the classroom. Incredible! They show me the way.
-Just this morning, I finished a productive conversation with a Michigan educator, Brad Wilson, who is leading a charge in student engagement. Even through social media, my friends show me the way.
-Here in this cabin, after the kids were asleep last night, my friends and I had a conversation that makes me feel alive. They show me the way in loving others.
-As I start to plan a big summer vacation, I’ve utilized my Facebook friends who so quickly have offered home-cooked meals, advice on nearby attractions, and even places to stay. From afar, and sometimes even out of direct contact for nearly a decade, my friends have shown me the way to be generous and gracious.
Whether new or old, near or far, face-to-face or digital presence, THANK YOU!
Life is good because of the people in it.

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