I HAET Myself Sometimes

Over the last year, I have spent a bit of every Sunday writting a blog. I’ve looved it. It’s alloweed a lot of self-reflection and general thinking about teaching. It’s alos been fun to reach out to an audience, knowing that what I’m writing is at least hitting 70 sets of eyes a week and sometimes much more than that.

So, it really brothers me to know end when I have spelling errors. And it seems that I always dew. AND I even re-reed what I write. I do that I ask my students to do–and their are still errors. AND I’m an English techer in town. Mostly, my few readers are those who live hear in our area, so having there junior-level English teacher making simple mistakes is embarrassing. It doesn’t lock good.

But then, I just have to let my hare down and realize exactly what I’m doing here. I have to forgave myself the way I tri to forgive my students. I aks them to have a voice in the community, to dare to make they’re work available to others because it makes them work harder in the end.

And I’ll take that kind of vulnerability annytime over doing things just write, but never reaching out.

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