Say it With Me: I WILL LISTEN

Helping to administer a 245-person book club has meant–well–everything to me over the last few months. And one thing has become incredibly apparent–people are willing to talk if you let them know you are willing to listen.

Simply by tying my name to this book club, I have let people know that I want to listen to them, that I’m open to listening to them.

I do not have answers for everyone. Hell, I’m not a counselor. I’m not a researcher.

But, I AM a listener.

In just two weeks since the Kickoff of our Spring Lake Community Book Club of Emily Bazelon’s Sticks and Stones, I have had conversations at the grocery store, at the school, at my daughters’ playing fields. But these conversations aren’t always with people I know. Over Facebook and email and Twitter, the conversation has extended to people of all ages in all parts of the community with people I know and with people I don’t.

And I keep thinking, the conversation has only just begun.

And all I did was listen. So, please listen with me–even if it’s the only thing we can do.

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